I thought I’d make a short list of thought provoking pixel games to play if you ever need to just spend some time alone.

The Majesty of Colours

Awakening as a sea creature, this game has 5 different endings depending on whether you want to help or hinder. It has a little subplot that considers the moral implications of being a ‘monster’. (Point and click)

I Wish I Were The Moon

8 different endings. Adapted from a short story called “The Distance of the Moon” by Italo Cadaverini. A girl is in love with a boy, but he loves the moon, and thus the girl takes matters into her own hands. (Point and click)


A love story revolving around three different characters and whether being morally good or morally evil has an impact on your future. Drag the characters around the screen to decide the plot. (Point and click)

Today I Die

This game follows the story of a girl who originally has no hope in anything but discovers, through some beautifully worded phrases, that there is some goodness in the world worth living for. The game has two happy endings. It’s been 4 years and the soundtrack still makes me cry. (Point and click)

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